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Barack Obama

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Gallup Politics released a poll Friday, June 11 that put Mormons at the top of the list for those...

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LDS Living has come up with some trivia questions about the Mormon superstar Donny Osmond. Some questions include: Which of...

Lexi Walker

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You've probably heard about Britney Spears recent hiccup. An audio track of Britney's was leaked without the auto-tune treatment...


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2 Old Testament characters are making their way to the big screen. Film director Ridley Scott is producing the...

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Rebecca Lane and Alison Moore at Utah Valley 360 bring us some funny gifs for those who've been in a...


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Seth Adam Smith has just published his latest blog post capturing the second part of his interview from earlier...

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Deseret News reported yesterday that Jimmer Fredette returned to the home of his alma mater and discussed his status as...

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The Hill Cumorah Pageant is a production put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which...

BYU Landscaping Program

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Landscape management students at Brigham Young University and Brigham Young University-Idaho have participated in an annual national competition sponsored...

Tamua Anae Tavana

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The following is an interview Lani Jones conducted with Olympian Tamua Anae Tavana. The full interview is posted on...