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She was born in Everett, Washington. He in Denver, Colorado. Despite different circumstances, God led them to the same university in a small Idaho town. He saw her across the restaurant and asked to buy her dessert. An hour of conversation and laughter passed and he was lucky enough to get her number. The time soon came when they knelt across an altar in the Salt Lake City temple to promise themselves to each other and to God for eternity. They thought this was the finish line.

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Part of's Series: Having trust in those around us is important, but having trust in God is crucial. And...

boy reading books

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Part of's Series: Having respect can come in many forms: earning respect, respecting others, and self-respect. For children, all...

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Source: Deseret News PROVO — Disciples of Jesus Christ are defenders of marriage, said Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum...


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The following article was written by Jason Wright for Deseret News.  Just for fun, Google this question: “Can I change...

open book

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Part of's Series: Children need to be kept safe, which is why we establish rules for them to follow. However, what kid...

cell phone tracker map

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Republished From:   An exciting new update to the iOS operating system—that’s the one that powers Apple’s portable devices, like iPhones,...


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Learning more about one's ancestors often leads to finding many pictures and stories of relatives, presenting genealogists with the dilemma...

Family Search

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FamilySearch has released a new mobile app allowing users see details of their family trees. The app, called Family Tree,...

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Thinking about my walk along the preparedness road has brought me some realizations I didn't see at first. One notion that jumps forward from all the rest of these hindsights is about true motivation.