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This article originally appeared on and was written by Tessa James. Below is an excerpt from James' article. As...

Family Search Donates Records to Philippines

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People living in the Philippines have suffered the loss of homes, family members, and personal belongings since Typhoon Haiyan...


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His Grace, a video series released by the Mormon Channel, has posted a new video dealing with drug addictions...

Phoenix Arizona Temple, Open House.

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has dedicated two new temples and rededicated another this year. Before the...

Groom lifting bride

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“Most couples make the mistake of giving each other the ‘remains of the day’—the leftover time after every other relationship and task has been attended to. This is not only backwards, but destructive. Stellar partners give each other prime time and make each other their top priority.”--Rhoberta Shaler PhD Most likely the person that needs to be reading this isn’t. You feel frustrated and discouraged. You’ve tried over and over to revamp your meals and create a consistent workout routine. Although you’ve made your goals known to your spouse, you seem to be fighting off not only your own unhealthy habits, but theirs too. It takes all you have to mentally fight off old patterns of thinking, eating, and routines, let alone those of your spouse. This is complicated exponentially if you have children. You find yourself making three different meals: one for yourself, one for your spouse, and a separate one for your children, in addition to tending their individual schedules and needs. Healthy life changes become stressful impossibilities.

LDS Leaders

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It is inevitable that, at some point, parents will question the quality of their parenting. Yesterday, the Deseret News posted an...


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently published a series of Family Home Evening (FHE) lessons centered around...

FamilySearch opens WWI records

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FamilySearch.Org is releasing three new collections of records from the first World War. They have been made available in...

Portrait of married couple and their four young children

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My parents are revolutionaries. They lived as equal partners. My dad generally cooked the meals and Mom baked the treats. Dad...

family history workvideo

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A new feature has been added to FamilySearch called "descendancy view,"  which allows users to access and see not only...