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sharing the gospel online

To learn more about how you can share the gospel online choose a link for one of our social media guidebooks, watch one of the informative videos, or visit LDSShare.net

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Are you looking to plan a ward activity, family home evening, or mutual night around sharing the gospel? Check out these great group activity ideas.

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Here are some of our favorite spots for LDS content on social media– like, subscribe, read, review, and follow for a quick online missionary experience

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  1. Keep up the great work. I share the gospel through martial arts and the Word of Wisdom ! I’m a fulltime Martial arts instructor for Liahona Warrior Arts International. Returned Missionary . Married in the Sacramento Temple. 4 kids with a son on a mission in Idaho ! Spread the Gospel !
    Sincerly, Brother Rocky Twitchell Founder of Liahona Warrior Arts International

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