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John Taylors Vision of the last days

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 03:20 PM

What do people think of John Taylors Vision of the last days recoerded in the Journal of Pres Woodfruff?? (The vision of a plague and destruction!)
Just want people to come togther with ideas and comments on what they think? Also info from other Church leaders on this?

Check out these Vids before commenting.

YouTube - new world order secret combinatiions john taylors vision. (Leave a comment on Youtube)

YouTube - Cleon Skousen talks of John Taylors vision part 2
(leave comment on youtube)

YouTube - A prophecy and vision
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Posted 05 June 2008 - 03:33 PM

Some poignant videos. It's one thing to hear the audio citing Joseph Smith's words in the first video, but another to see a dramatization glorified by such distracting scenes from the Resident Evil movie/video games and the logo of the fictional Umbrella Corporation on the Satellite above Earth. Whatever will happen is inevitable. Read my signature. We only need to be prepared and not fear.

#3 Hemidakota



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Posted 05 June 2008 - 03:35 PM

Please provide a written version of President Taylor vision....thanks

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 03:37 PM

Wilford Woodruff wrote down in his journal a dream that John Taylor dictated to him, of some detail of the terrible, destruction, disease, and famine of this great war, specifically in the US which was one of the countries most affected by this war. Note that President Taylor sees much death and disease in the Rocky Mountains, which he says the Saints have under control by Faith and Prayer, but does not mention seeing much destruction or devastation. However in the rest of the country the destruction, death, disease, and starvation are almost complete, and are complete in some areas. After he witnesses the death and destruction in America, he then sees in vision the building of the city of Zion.

JOURNAL OF WILFORD WOODRUFF, DEC. 16 1877, pp. 179-183, (pioneer Press)

This is a vision John Taylor saw of events that are still to come. From the journal of Wilford Woodruff (Dec 16, 1877).

This is a vision John Taylor saw of events that are still to come. From the journal of Wilford Woodruff (Dec 16, 1877).

I went to bed as usual at about 7:30PM. I had been read*ing a revela*tion in the French lan*guage. My mind was calm, more so than usual if possible, so I composed myself for sleep, but could not. I felt a strange feeling come over me and apparently be*came partially uncon*scious. Still I was not asleep, nor ex*actly awake, with dreary feeling. The first thing that I recognized was that I was in the tabernacle of Ogden, Utah. I was sit*ting in the back part of the build*ing for fear they would call on me to preach, which however they did, for after sing*ing the second time they called me to the stand.

I arose to speak and said that I did*n't know that I had anything es*pecially to say, ex*cept to bear my tes*timony of the Latter-day work, when all at once it seemed as if I was lifted out of myself and I said, "Yes, I have something to say and that is this: Some of my brethren have been ask*ing, "What is be*coming of us? What is the wind blowing?" I will answer you right here what is coming very shortly."

I was then in a dream, im*mediately in the city of Salt Lake, and wandering around in the streets and in all parts of the city, and on the doors of the houses I found badges of mourn*ing and I could not find a house but was in mourning. I passed my own house and found the same sign there, and I asked the ques*tion, "Is that me that is dead?" Someone gave me the an*swer, "No, you will get through it all."

It seemed strange to me that I saw no person in the streets in all my wan*dering around the coun*try. I seemed to be in their houses with the sick, but saw no funeral proces*sion, nor anything of the kind, but the city looking still and as though the people were praying. And it seemed that they had controlled the dis*ease, but what the dis*ease was I did not learn; it was not made known to me. I then looked over the country, north, east, south, and west, and the same mourning was in every land and in every place.

The next thing I knew I was just this side of Omaha. It seemed though I was above the earth, and look*ing down upon it. As I passed along upon my way east I saw the road full of people, mostly women, with just what they could carry in bundles on their backs, trav*eling to the moun*tains on foot. I won*dered how they would get through with such a small pack on their backs. It was re*markable to us[?] that there were so few men among them. It didn't seem to me as though the cars were run*ning, the rails looked rusty and the roads aban*doned; and I have no con*ception of how I traveled as I looked down upon the peo*ple.

I continued east by the way of Omaha and Council Bluffs, which were full of disease. There were women every*where. The state of Illinois and Mis*souri were in a tumult, men killing one an*other, women joining the fight*ing, fam*ily against family in the most horrid manner.

I imagined next that I was in Wash*ington and I found desola*tion there. The White House was empty and the Halls of Congress the same, and everything in ru*ins. The people seemed to have left the city and left it to take care of itself.

I was in Baltimore. In the square where the Monument of 1812 stands in front of the Char*les Hotel. I saw dead piled up so as to fill the street square. I saw mothers cutting the throats of their own children for their blood. I saw them suck it from their throats to quench their own thirst and then lie down and die. The water of Che*sapeake Bay was stagnant, and the stench arising from it on ac*count of their throw*ing their bod*ies into it so terrible, that the very smell carried death with it. I saw no man ex*cept they were dead or dying in the streets and very few women. Those I saw were crazy and in an ugly condi*tion. Everywhere I went I beheld the same sights all over the city; it was terrible be*yond description to look upon.

I thought this must be the end; but no, I was seemingly in an instant in the city of Philadel*phia. There eve*rything was still. No living soul was there to greet me. It seemed the whole city was with*out any inhabi*tants. In the south of Chestnut Street and in fact everywhere I went, the putrefaction of the dead caused such a stench that it was impos*sible for any living thing to breathe, nor did I see any living thing in the city.

Next I found myself in Broadway, in the city of New York, and there it seemed the people had done the best they could to overcome the disease, but in wandering down Broad*way I saw the bodies of beautiful women lying, some dead and oth*ers in a dy*ing condition, on the sidewalks. I saw men come out of cellars and ravish the per*sons of some that were yet alive and then kill them and rob their bodies of all the valu*ables they had upon them. Then before they could get back to the cellar they would roll over a time or two and die in ag*ony. In some of the back streets I saw them kill some of their own offspring and eat their raw flesh, and in a few minutes die them*selves. Every*where I went I saw the same scene of horror and de*struction and death and rap*ine.

No car*riages, buggies, or cars were running; but death and de*struc*tion were every*where. Then I saw fire start and just at that moment a mighty East wind sprang up and car*ried the flames over the city and it burned until there was not a sin*gle building left standing there, even down to the waters edge. Wharves and shipping all seemed to burn and follow in common destruction where the "great city" was a short time ago. The stench from the bodies that were burn*ing was so great that it was carried a long dis*tance cross the Hudson Bay and carried death and destruction wherever it pene*trated. I cannot paint in words the horror that seemed to compass me about; it was beyond description of man.

I sup*posed this was the end; but it was not. I was given to understand the same horror was being en*acted all over the coun*try, east, west, north, and south. Few were left alive, still there were some.

Immediately after I seemed to be standing on the left bank of the Mis*souri River, opposite e the City of In*de*pendence, but there was no city. I saw the whole state of Missouri and Illi*nois and all of Iowa, a complete desert with no living being there. A short dis*tance from the river how*ever, I saw twelve men dressed in temple robes, stand*ing in a square or nearly so (and I under*stood it repre*sented the Twelve Gates of the New Jerusa*lem.) Their hands were uplifted in consecration of the ground and lay*ing the corner stone of the tem*ple. I saw myraids of an*gels hovering over them, and saw also an immense pil*lar of clouds over them and heard the angels singing the most heav*enly music. The words were "Now is estab*lished the King*dom of God and his Christ, which shall never more be thrown down."

I saw people com*ing from the river and from the desert places a long way off to help build the temple and it seemed that hosts of an*gels all helped to get material to build with and I saw some of them who wore temple clothes come and build the tem*ple and the city, and all the time I saw the great pillar of clouds hovering over the place.

Instantly, however, I found my*self again in the taber*nacle at Ogden. And yet, I could still see the building go on and I got quite animated in call*ing on the people in the tabernacle to listen to the beautiful music, for the an*gels were singing the same music I had heard be*fore. "Now is estab*lished the King*dom of God and his Christ, which shall never more be thrown down."

At this I seemed to stagger back from the pulpit and Brother Francis D. Richards and some others caught my arm and prevented me from falling. Then I fin*ished so abruptly. Still even then I had not fainted, but was simply ex*hausted.

They I rolled over in bed and awoke just as the city clock was strik*ing twelve

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 03:45 PM

Good...it was the one I was thinking of but look close to some of those inserts that President Taylor seen and what is given in Sandra’s NDE. Do you see some similarities between both of them?

One tidbit, I did some research with the white puffy sores noted in Sandra NDE and Taylors type of bleeding and quickness of death thereafter contact, sounds more like Ebola. Mixing that with another known compound agent [will not list here] will have that effect on people. Sad to see this could be a possibility in the wrong hands.

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 04:03 PM

The Disease of John Taylors Vision....
Smallpox is a serious, contagious, and sometimes fatal infectious disease. There is no specific treatment for smallpox disease, and the only prevention is vaccination. The pox part of smallpox is derived from the Latin word for “spotted” and refers to the raised bumps that appear on the face and body of an infected person.

There are two clinical forms of smallpox. Variola major is the severe and most common form of smallpox, with a more extensive rash and higher fever. There are four types of variola major smallpox: ordinary (the most frequent type, accounting for 90% or more of cases); modified (mild and occurring in previously vaccinated persons); flat; and hemorrhagic (both rare and very severe). Historically, variola major has an overall fatality rate of about 30%; however, flat and hemorrhagic smallpox usually are fatal. Variola minor is a less common presentation of smallpox, and a much less severe disease, with death rates historically of 1% or less.

Smallpox outbreaks have occurred from time to time for thousands of years, but the disease is now eradicated after a successful worldwide vaccination program. The last case of smallpox in the United States was in 1949. The last naturally occurring case in the world was in Somalia in 1977. After the disease was eliminated from the world, routine vaccination against smallpox among the general public was stopped because it was no longer necessary for prevention.

Where Smallpox Comes From
Smallpox is caused by the variola virus that emerged in human populations thousands of years ago. Except for laboratory stockpiles, the variola virus has been eliminated. However, in the aftermath of the events of September and October, 2001, there is heightened concern that the variola virus might be used as an agent of bioterrorism. For this reason, the U.S. government is taking precautions for dealing with a smallpox outbreak.

Generally, direct and fairly prolonged face-to-face contact is required to spread smallpox from one person to another. Smallpox also can be spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluids or contaminated objects such as bedding or clothing. Rarely, smallpox has been spread by virus carried in the air in enclosed settings such as buildings, buses, and trains. Humans are the only natural hosts of variola. Smallpox is not known to be transmitted by insects or animals.

A person with smallpox is sometimes contagious with onset of fever (prodrome phase), but the person becomes most contagious with the onset of rash. At this stage the infected person is usually very sick and not able to move around in the community. The infected person is contagious until the last smallpox scab falls off

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 04:21 AM

What an awful vision to have experienced. What a dreadful thing to go through for those who will do so. I hope I won't be there. I hope my children won't be there.

What you think you heard me say may not necessarily be what I thought I meant.


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Posted 15 June 2008 - 08:03 PM


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:01 AM

Check out these vids on evidences for Joseph Smith's prophecy about the constitution would hang by a thread! We are there now & we need to wake up the world to this!

YouTube - JustinMartyrJr's Videos
Video documentaries about the New World Order, One World Government

Covert Cosmic Cruisers - Why Aren't All Nations Free? info, credits, lyrics, and comments at Independent Artists Company (IAC)
Why Aren't All Nations Free? Song by Covert Cosmic Cruisers

Why Aren't All Nations Free? Freedom Should Be For Free! - Topix
Links to evidences about threats to freedoms

Constitution is Hanging by a Thread, Joseph Smith was Right! - Topix
Constitution hanging by a thread!

Early Anti-Christianity Restored in Modern anti-Mormon Christians' Demonizations of Mormon

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Posted 31 July 2008 - 08:36 AM

Welcome to the forum...

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Posted 12 February 2011 - 05:05 PM

times are short. i have tought many years to warn all aroung us to get ready. we are in trouble real trouble and those who are not ready will not be free but slaves.
prepair for the worst hope for the best.
i once tought a class in prest hood and started off you cant shair ones food storage.
i had a member act with me i started off by definding the times. stock market crashed
stores closed no jobs. no ele,gas,phone. come ask to use my foodstorage, he played along and knock knock. hellow brother ______ what can i help you with. he replyed times are bad and we need food. i replyed yes i can help you. here is a lb of wheat. can you
grind it, no was the reply. oh let me grind it for you. here is your ground up wheat. do you have yeast. oh here is some yeast. do you have water, oh here is water which to make bread. do you have the abilty to cook it. no so you wish me to supply the wheat and the abity to make bread and cook it. what part oof not being able to shair do you not understand? it hit hem hard. he understood and started to get foodstorage for his family needs. if ye are prepaired yoyu shall not fear.

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Posted 30 March 2011 - 12:09 PM

I find america the most and greates nation in the history of the earth and in the world we now live in. But i also see the socialist takeing over the county i so love. I have thought many how to get ready in my ward to prepair for the up coming evil and what may happens to america. Well now what i said 15 years ago is now happening:( they are now paying 4 times in some cases for the food and supplys thy could have gottion only few years ago. Soon we will see food so high we can afford very very little. For the love of your familys get ready for the hard time which are upon us so very very soon. This goverment we now have will destory us and it will happen and we will not be able to stop it.
Open your eyes and mind and look around to see joseph smith white horse proprocy coming true. Dont look at it as a vision but look at it as what has taken place and see what will happen in time to come. Look at john taylors vision and use it to compair and get ready. Pray to christ and ask hem to show you what is going to take place. Ask christ to let you know the truth and ask hem is these prophecys true. You find out for your self and for the love of your family get ready for a realy hard ride just ahead.
The church willnot have enough food to feed you and yours for very long. I was told by a chuch offical that we have only 3 to 4 weeks food for the valley and when the rest of america comes here to find food less than that. We will be on our own. Buy what you can and store what you can now. We have so very very little time.

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Posted 30 March 2011 - 01:48 PM

This zombie thread has now died. Thread closed.
I say that we need to teach our people to find their answers in the scriptures...But the unfortunate thing is that so many of us are not reading the scriptures. We do not know what is in them, and therefore we speculate about things that we ought to have found in the scriptures themselves. I think that therein is one of our biggest dangers of today."
--President Harold B. Lee, December, 1972

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