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My best Christmas Program

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Posted 14 October 2008 - 01:30 AM

We did a fun Christmas play this last year. We basically had two families on the stage. One had a very simple Christ centered house. (The Jones) Just a simple tree, a few gifts, a statue of Mary and Joseph out in front. The one on the other side of the stage was a family (the Smiths) that had a large tree. Tons of presents, a Grinch, and tons and tons of lights. It was way over board. When the curtains open, the Jones goes over to the Smiths side of the stage and knocks on the door. The Smiths are reading the scriptures together. The Jones are invited in to the Smiths home. The first father kind of chides the 2nd father by saying- "Hay, it's only 5 days until Christmas, and I see that you only have about 8 presents under your tree. When are you guys going to get started?" To which the spiritual father responds. "Oh, we are trying to keep our Christmas gospel centered this year. Put a real focus on Jesus Christ. And so we're spending real quality time together instead of buying a lot of gifts." "Are you kidding!" responded the 1st father, "a gospel centered Christmas! We read the scriptures everyday. That means every day of the year is gospel centered. No Christmas should be a time of giving and presents. In fact my Dad was a lawyer that made all kinds of money, and yet he always tried to make our Christmas' Christ centered, and so we only got two or three small gifts and I just hated it. I promised that when I had kids, I would make Christmas the best time of the year for them, and I have kept my promise. "Yea, responded the 2nd Father, "you really go all out every year, but you know, with the economy and all, we just don't have a whole lot of money and all, and we want to live within our means." "That is why the Lord giveth credit cards," argued the first father. "I think it says somewhere in the Doctrine and Covenant that, "Thou shalt maxeth out thy Credit cards every Christmas for the sake of thy Children." "Do you really think so?" responded the 2nd Father. "Why of course." That is why the Lord invented Christmas. "Don't be such a wimp. Go out, lose yourself in the holiday. Live a little." "So you think I'm a whip eh? Well I'll show you, we will do a bigger Christmas that you even thought of doing." And with that the curtains close. And the audience sings two Christmas Carols. While the curtains are closed, the two families work as fast as they can to beef up the humble families side with all kinds of presents and decorations. So much in fact that there is more on the humble side than is of the 1st fathers side. The curtains then open back up- The once humble father then strolls over to the 1st fathers side and brags, See, we have more decorations and presents that you. Who's the wimp now. I guess we love the Savior more that you do because we have more." The 1st father responded, "Oh, you think you have Christmas spirit. Well nobody out does the Jones. We have two days left until Christmas, and two more Credit Cards to use. Well see who love the Savior the most by when Christmas comes. And with that the curtains close again. Again, the two family all work on bringing in presents as the audience sign two more Christmas Carols. (side note- we wrapped plastic storage lids and screwed them to 4' x 8' boards so that we could just drag out the whole boards and it looked as if there were 20 gifts there when there was only a single board with some wrapped lids screwed on. When the curtains opened again, it looked as if there were hundreds of gifts on each side, not to mention wreaths, lights, candles... anything we could get to make it look junky. We also made sure that all the real Christmas stuff like Joseph and Mary were all covered up with presents and stuff. The two families both met in the center of the stage as each look over the other families stuff. The 2nd father bragged to the 1st, "I told you we would have a bigger Christmas than you. To which the first Father responded, Oh, no. You will never have a bigger Christmas than us because we rented a 100,000 watt sky writing light that show the image Merry Christmas in the clouds. The 2nd Father begins to look concerned as it truly looks like the Smiths, (the 1st family) is going to win the best Christmas contest. So when the 1st father goes to plug in the 100,000 watt light, he ends up blowing the circuit for the entire block. (You do this by having all the light on the stage plugged into one or two extension cords, and then unplug all of the lights at the same time as well as turn off the stage lights so that the entire stage is dark. The first father says, "Oh, no." The 2nd father responded, "What happened." "I think that I've just blown the circuit for the entire block." Then the humble father's kids say, "Now what are we going to do?" To which the humble Father responded, "We are going to do what we should have done all alone." He then pulls out his scriptures and a flash light and gathered both families around him. He then began. You know, today I was out doing my shopping out in the malls. Trying to get more gifts. And while I was squeezed into an elevator, one lady in the front of the elevator commented to the entire group. "The person who came up with Christmas should have been killed. Her words hung in the air for a few seconds before I responded. He was. They nailed him to a cross." And from there the 2nd Father begins reading from the book of Luke the Christmas story. Then from the back of the gym we put on the music, Oh Holy Night, by the Celtic Women of Faith album as the 2nd father read from Luke. As he read, actors walked in front of the stage. 1st the shepherds, then the wis men. All the parts of the story were acted out without any words as the 2nd father read into the mic on the stage. We even had a black light shown on a girl dress in white as the angel that appeared to the shepherds. And then Mary and Joseph came out and sat in front of the manger as we put on behind them on the large screen the video from You-tube of the Song "Mary did you know." At the end of the song, the 1st fathers children said, "This has been our best Christmas every. We should do this every year. And with that, the curtains close. The end. We also have the wise men hand out silk bags of candy to the kids. It went over really really well. It was a spiritual Christmas Program.

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Posted 14 October 2008 - 04:41 AM

good job....after reading that I was looking for the Christmas tree.....:)
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Posted 13 November 2012 - 10:18 PM

I am new to this site. I am looking for Christmas skit ideas for our upcoming program. They asked each organization to be in charge of their own and I am in charge of RS and then was asked by the YW Pres. if I would help with theirs. I think that I have theirs taken care of but am struggling for RS. It does not have to be spiritual. I can be funny as long as it is appropriate. If you have ideas, please let me know. I am great a stealing ideas, but not so good at coming up with my own. Thanks in advance.;)

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