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Help with prayer at grandma's funeral

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#1 averyja


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Posted 23 August 2011 - 02:15 PM

I have been asked to say the opening prayer at my grandma's funeral on Thursday. Can you help me- I am struggling.

#2 Spartan117


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Posted 23 August 2011 - 03:21 PM

Give thanks for all that Heavenly Father has blessed you (everyone there) with, including the opportunity to be together at that moment. Make a mental list if you have to. There is never a time where we give enough thanks for what we have. Ask for the spirit to guide you as your pray. Ask for an added measure of the spirit to be with you and everyone there during this somber occasion, that those there will feel the love of G-d in their hearts. Pray for your grandmother, let the spirit guide you in what the Lord would have you say. Pray for those who were closest to your grandmother, ask humbly that they may be comforted and have the spirit testify to those whose hearts are hurting most that your grandmother has passed through the veil to her rest, and there is no need to grieve for someone who is at peace. Do NOT quote that word for word, obviously. But those are just thoughts that might occur to me if I were in a setting like that. Never rehearse a prayer except for the sacrament prayers. I personally outline the structure of the prayer and let the spirit fill in the important stuff. For instance .... 1. Give thanks 2. Ask for the spirit to be there 3. Ask for special blessings for those in need I never remember giving an opening or closing prayer. The first blessing I gave to my wife after we were married was over 10 minutes and I didn't remember one moment of it. When she transcribed it and I read it I couldn't believe that blessing came from me. The spirit will know what should be said, and if you go in there with something too specific or rehearsed then you're limiting the spirit. IMHO anyway. If your prayer is only a few lines, then it's only a few lines. If it turns into novel, then it turns into a novel. You will never be out of place with the spirit directing you. Sorry if this came off as kind of speechy. I get that way sometimes. Just trying to pass along what i've learned from experience. You will do great. Say a prayer to and for yourself privately before you go up to offer the opening prayer. Ask the spirit for help if you're nervous, try to be as in tune with the spirit as you can. Hope some of that helps.

#3 pam


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Posted 23 August 2011 - 03:37 PM

It's really difficult to tell someone what to say in a prayer. So much of a prayer is what the Spirit guides you to say. I would rely more on that rather than suggestions from a forum. But Spartan had some great thoughts on this as well.

#4 xLandonx


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Posted 26 August 2011 - 10:23 PM

I said the opening prayer at my grandmothers funeral recently (May). Among other good points to make in a funeral prayer you might want to add a word about the temporal nature of death and our eventual resurrection. Seek Inspiration in your every day life, I myself was moved to include a quote from a song "The end is in fact just a beginning." Also, you may want to pray that those affected by her mortal loss will be visited by the comfort of the Holy Ghost.

#5 xLandonx


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Posted 26 August 2011 - 10:36 PM

I just realised it's Friday (or more specifically that you mentioned it was on Thursday).... So in exchange for my late advice I will offer my condolences and hope all went well for you and your family.

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